Treasure Hunters

Is your boss the next Captain Jack Sparrow? Can your intrepid band of adventurers work together to find the path to the hidden treasure and earn lasting glory and untold riches? The challenges faced together on this day will forge a bond that will reap rich rewards long after the treasure chest has been unlocked.

The Challenge

On this adventure filled day teams will compete in a race to find and unlock the treasure chest and prove their superior team skills. Firstly the pirate teams will complete a range of team building tasks in order to earn the equipment they will need to locate the hidden treasure. Teams will then need to decipher clues and work out how to use their clues and equipment to hunt for the hidden treasure. Finally the first team to arrive at the chest must work out how to unlock it in order to access the treasures within.
This new take on an age old theme employs modern technology to add an exciting new twist to the hidden treasure idea. However, the fundamentals of good old fashioned pirate teamwork will still see the spoils in the hands of the team that manages to work together best on the day. This programme focuses on team bonding, leadership and decision making processes in an environment of friendly and productive competition.

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