Team Harmony – The Sound of Teamwork

Reflect on your shared experiences, discover your combined potential, experience how creative you are and work toward a common goal. Led by Grammy award winning hit songwriter facilitators, Team Harmony will bring your group together in a fun, unique musical setting. You’ll create and record songs that will become a lasting part of your company’s culture.

You don’t have to be a singer or have musical experience to love this program, which invites participation, engagement and collaboration. By the time the songs are complete, everyone will be singing along and proud of it.
Innovation, creativity, humor, leadership, compromise, shared goals and fun are all part of the process of songwriting. Participants quickly get involved as inhibitions melt away and ideas and themes are documented for posterity. We lead you through a step-by-step process: from brainstorming ideas, to song creation, completion and recording. Inspirational, energizing and fun, this event will bring your entire team together in a unifying, memorable experience. When the songs are finished, teams get together for performance and a song competition with awards. A CD and MP3 including all songs created will be a lasting take-away with your company’s logo.


  • Enhance team communication and break down barriers
  • Open new lines of collaboration within your groups
  • Create a more cohesive company vision and refine your company message
  • Create and record songs that serve as lasting reminders of the teambonding experience
  • Increase morale and re-energize your team


  • Prior to the event: We work with you to understand your group dynamics, corporate identity and target specific goals
  • Performance by hit songwriter-facilitators
  • Participants develop themes and song titles
  • Group lyric writing to original melodies
  • Rehearsal of finished songs and recording of group performances of songs
  • Team song competition with awards
  • Optional debrief discussion with action plans
  • Souvenir CD and MP3 with company logo, song titles and lyrics.


*Every Team Harmony is customized.You will work with your dedicated, in-house Event Planner to tailor the program to meet your goals and desired outcomes.

Ideal Usage

  • Conference/meeting breaks
  • Conference energizers
  • Sales meetings/retreats
  • Experiential marketing
  • Any group seeking an inclusive, engaging team building experience with lasting take-aways.

Group Size

  • 10 – 2,000


  • 1 to 3 hours (2 hours is most typical duration)


  • Indoor or outdoor space, electricity is required


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