Team-building tourism thrives in the city

In recent years, team-building tourism has become popular with young people and businesses during the summer months.  This type of tourism provides an opportunity for them to not only explore some natural scenery, but also to participate in challenging games.

Da Nang’s travel agencies and event organisers are offering various different team-building packages to satisfy the diversified demands of their clients.  The Deputy General Director of the Da Nang-based Viet Nam Tourism Joint Stock Company (Vitours), Mr Cao Tri Dung, said that his company could design suitable packages at destinations selected by customer’s, and they will incorporate various team-building games.  He added that many local businesses book holidays for their employees or for those who have an outstanding work performance record.
During the peak summer tourist season, local travel agencies offering team-building packages are attracting a large number of clients.  They are offering packages with impressive names, such as “Vuot Qua Chinh Minh” (Overcoming Yourself), “Khai Quat Bi An” (Discovering the Mystery), “Tao Dung Tinh Than Dong Doi” (Building Team Spirit) and “ Vuot Len So Phan” (Overcoming the Consequences of Misfortunes).  Many young people become actively involved in these tours to experience the adventurous games.

Team-building tourism has helped local travel agencies to create new business opportunies and increase their revenues.  Many of them have attracted up to 200 clients on average per month.

Popular seaside resorts, the Ba Na Hills Resort, and tourist areas at the foot of the Son Tra Peninsula are the most popular destinations locally, and they showcase stunning scenery and diversified topography.  As a part of these packages, clients also have the opportunity to take apart in a wide range of team-building activities, including meetings, sightseeing tours, training courses, dining options, sporting challenges, and musical performances.  Many local companies, such as oil and gas producers, banks and hotels, arrange team-building packages for their employees in order to enhance their working spirit, regardless of the relatively high costs involved.

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