Corporate Vietnam’s Idols

Corporate Vietnam’s Idol

Presenting karaoke with a twist – your group, divided into teams, will actually rewrite the lyrics to familiar hits, then lead the entire group in an uproarious sing-along.

Each team receives a CD player and CD, markers and flip chart. The groups move to a secluded area, pop in their CDs and proceed to write their own lyrics to the songs they’ve been given. These lyrics will be transferred onto the flip chart for use as cue cards during the sing-along. But don’t expect love songs – as part of the challenge, the new lyrics must address specific corporate issues. Thus, Hoang Teambuilding can cleverly customize your event to position key product information, underscore marketing or sales initiatives, or create a highly motivational call to action.
The big evening performance features a professional teambonding Master of Ceremonies, plus all the trappings of a real concert. This can include a draped stage area, stage lights, smoke machine, etc. We also provide a large prop box filled with fun and funky performance-enhancing accessories. No wonder so many clients arrange to have their event videotaped!


  • Unique, memorable fun
  • Great creative outlet
  • Boost morale
  • Laugh as a team


Corporate America’s Got Talent version available

*Every Corporate Vietnam’s Idol is customized. You will work with your dedicated, in-house Event Planner to tailor the program to meet your goals and desired outcomes.

Ideal Usage

  • Celebration
  • After dinner entertainment
  • Energize a conference

Group Size

  • Up to 150


  • 2 – 3 hours total. Ideally, this program begins mid to late afternoon, with the big performance and optional awards taking place right after dinner.


  • A conference or dining room large enough to comfortably accommodate your group. If available, a stage or riser will add to your event’s ambiance and excitement.

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